Kalamo restaurant was born from the idea of hospitality, catering and conviviality shared by the three shareholders: Giacomo, Ciccio and Veronica. They have in fact decided to combine their respective knowledge and invest in the promotion of their native land.


Drawing inspiration from the initial vision, the architectural design then took shape, thanks to the creative flair of the architect Masellis and his team (Marta Marasa’, Chiara Fallea e Andrea Lombardo) skilled in understanding the true essence of the project and to create an absolutely innovative venue, juxtaposing the usual Sicilian landscape. The concept of the project started from the words "self-production, territory, nature", culminating in the choice of placing a large number of wooden rods on the roof that recall the signs of plowing a land or a wheat field in the wind.


Kalamo Ristorante was an old stable, housed in a period villa, which was later transformed into the Hotel Residence Villa Scaduto. The property is located in Bagheria, an enchanting baroque-style center, on the splendid Tyrrhenian coast to the east of the Gulf of Palermo, which is 10 km away. It is also located near the charming seaside village of Aspra and its marina, where every morning, fishing boats loaded with fresh fish arrive. The ancient noble villa that houses Kalamo Ristorante belonged to the Barons Scaduto, the restoration work, to transform it into the convenient adjacent hotel, was carried out with meticulousness to keep the atmosphere of the time intact. The hall of our restaurant, designed by the architect Masellis, subliminally communicates the presence of the Sicilian land, intended as a producer of the fruits that are used in our cuisine.